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Leak claims Apple launching new MagSafe case colors [u]

Apple is reportedly preparing to release iPhone 12 MagSafe case colors, according to information shared by a reliable leaker.

Alongside the increasing number of third-party MagSafe accessories, Apple has its own range of iPhone cases — and is reportedly about to unveil ones in blue, purple, green, and a kind of burnt orange.

The original source says, in translation, that there are to be five colors, but only four have been shown. None had official descriptions, but the blue, purple, green, and orange colors are each more muted and darker than Apple’s current Kumquat and California Poppy MagSafe cases.

DuanRui was previously accurate in revealing the name “iPhone 12 mini.” The original Weibo leaker, “Uncle Pan,” has no known previous track record for Apple leaks.

Update: DuanRui has shared additional photos of the rumored cases.

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