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Hands On: Wristcam, an Apple Watch band with dual cameras

For those hoping to ditch their iPhone entirely, the Wristcam is a unique product, offering dual wearable cameras worn on the wrist that connect to the Apple Watch. AppleInsider takes a first look at the new accessory and how it integrates into the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Wristcam was ...

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Epic Games admits its own developer agreements ban rule-breakers

Epic Games doesn’t tolerate rule-breakers on its platforms, Apple argued in the Epic v. Apple trial, drawing parallels to the actions that led to “Fortnite” being removed from the App Store. Epic Games Technical Director Andrew Grant was on the stand Wednesday, explaining why a game like “Fortnite” couldn’t be ...

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Apple values acquihire targets by the number of engineers

Apple’s approach to acquisitions is focused on smaller companies rather than big-name deals, an exploration into the iPhone maker’s activities insists, with Apple valuing “acquihire” targets by how many engineers it can secure. Apple, and many other companies with considerable resources, often enter negotiations to acquire smaller firms. While ...

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