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128M iOS users were affected by 2015 XcodeGhost malware

A total of 128 million iOS users downloaded apps that were affected by the XcodeGhost malware in 2015, according to emails revealed during the Epic Games v. Apple trial. The XcodeGhost malware was parsed into otherwise legitimate applications to mine user data in a coordinated campaign in 2015. Although the ...

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Apple denied Microsoft request to bypass 30% commission for Office

The Epic Games v. Apple trial has revealed additional details about Apple’s behind the scenes negotiations with companies like Microsoft, including a request to bypass App Store commissions. An email thread from 2012 sheds light on Microsoft’s launch of Office for iPad and Apple’s reaction to the news. According to ...

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Zoom seemingly granted access to private iPad camera API

Zoom appears to have been granted access to a previously unknown iPad software feature that allows camera access during Split View multitasking, one developer claims. The feature was discovered by mobile developer Jeremy Provost, who said that he was “surprised to see that Zoom had somehow been able to tap ...

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Twitter’s Tip Jar Privacy Fiasco Was Entirely Avoidable

On Thursday, Twitter continued its grand tradition of embracing features users had unofficially pioneered (see also: the @-reply, the retweet, the hashtag) by instituting a Tip Jar. Enjoy someone’s tweet? Send them some money straight from the app, via the online payment processor of their choice. Simple enough. And yet, ...

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